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Looking for a Speech Pathologist near you?

- We provide Home Visits - We come to you

- We provide Home Programs also

We have a dedicated team of mobile therapists ready to come to you wherever you are! How good is that?!

- Child Speech Pathology available 

- Adult Speech Pathology available 

Speech Pathologists study, diagnose and treat communication disorders, including:

  • Difficulties with speaking,

  • Listening,

  • Understanding language,

  • Reading,

  • Writing,

  • Social skills,

  • Stuttering and using voice

  • Difficulty communicating because of developmental delays,

  • Stroke,

  • Brain injuries,

  • Learning disability,

  • Intellectual disability,

  • Cerebral palsy,

  • Dementia and hearing loss,

  • Problems that can affect speech and language

  • Difficulties swallowing food and drink safely

Did you know cross care has Formalised Assessments for Speech Pathology that include:

CELF-5 (Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals) Language assessment


* For ages 5-21;11

- A combination of 5 key sections assessing a different component of language, yet all
contributing to the overall picture of a person’s language ability
- 5 key sections include core language, receptive language, expressive language,
language content and language memory 

PLS-5 (The Preschool Language Scales Fifth Edition) Language assessment + articulation (speech) screener


* For ages birth - 7;11

A comprehensive, interactive and play-based developmental language assessment that
investigates both a child’s understanding of language and expressive communication, in
addition to the child’s speech sounds
- 3 sections include: auditory comprehension, expressive communication and total
language score

DEAP (Diagnostic Evaluation of Articulation and Phonology) Speech Assessment

* for ages 3- 6;11

Detects and differentiates between articulation problems, delayed phonology and
consistent versus inconsistent phonological disorders
- Provides the clinician with the sounds that a child can and cannot produce, or is not
producing, and gives an overview of their oral-motor skills

Here at Cross Care, we care about your Speech. 

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The CELF–5 Metalinguistics

* For students 9-21 years 

The CELF–5 Metalinguistics is designed to identify students 9-21 years old who have not acquired the expected levels of communicative competence and metalinguistic ability for their age. It assesses higher-level language skills that is embedded in upper-grade curricula and critical to classroom success.

NDIS Speech Pathology Near me

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